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I’m taking on a few private coaching clients this year with a view to raising up 12 champions whose story is irresistible and undeniable. I’m not looking for a group of 12. I am looking for 12 individuals who want to succeed in different fields and in different ways. Not sure if you are one of them but perhaps if you can answer the following three questions, you might find out!

1. Do you have ambition? The word ambition comes from an old Latin word which literally meant to ‘go around’ canvassing for votes. It effectively meant: ‘vote for me’ or ‘I am the one who is worthy of that position’. Of course it eventually came to mean ‘a strong desire to become rich, famous or powerful.’ However it started with a sense of personal importance and worth.

So back to my question: Do you have a strong sense of importance and value to where you can say with complete conviction: vote for me? Choose me – I was born for this, I am made for this or I won’t accept anything less than this!!! If you do have ambition in its true sense, then you already belong to an elite class of people for whom the future is very bright.

The synonyms for ambition include:

(aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, object, purpose, intent, plan, scheme, mission, calling, vocation, desire, wish, design, target, end, dream, hope, drive, determination, desire, enterprise, initiative, eagerness, motivation, enthusiasm, zeal, commitment, a sense of purpose, longing, yearning, hankering; get up and go)

I think from our definitions and synonyms it is clear to see that no one has true ambition who does not possess a powerful sense of self-importance and value. You literally have to see yourself as belonging in a certain place/level or worthy/deserving of a special position in life before you can ‘GO AROUND’ soliciting votes.

The opposite of ambition also reveals something about the true meaning of the word. There are many antonyms (opposites) for ambition including: unmotivated and lethargic. However the words, content and satisfied are also considered antonyms for ambition. Well what’s wrong with being content or satisfied? Nothing normally! However if you become content or satisfied with less than you truly believe you are worth, then you have betrayed yourself and are now living a lie. If you truly believe that you were chosen to lead and are indeed worthy of the opportunity but instead become content with being in the crowd, obscure and unheard, then you have betrayed your highest-self by lying to others about who you really are!

I was reading a blog recently in which someone offered this ‘opposite of ambition:

I would say that if you are ambitious or have ambition, you have the drive and determination to succeed. If you do not, I would say you are aimless, on unfocused, or lazy, or have a lack of direction…or, to quote many a father, “a disappointment to your mother and me!” Lol

My summary definition of true ambition then is as follows: true ambition starts with a strong sense of personal worth and importance that drives a person towards that special/top place or position in life by creating dis-satisfaction and dis-content with anything else.

So now we know what ambition is and what the lack of it looks like; we are ready to ask the other two questions:

2. What is your ambition? This is a deeper question than ‘do you have ambition?’ Most folks will answer yes to that question whilst possessing no certainty about what that ambition really is. In its pure sense, your ambition is a belief about who you are, what you are worth and where you belong. So what is your ambition? What is your drive, zeal, aspiration, objective in life etc.

Do you know? If you don’t or until you do, life will confuse you and the universe will simply refuse to cooperate with you. Why should God help you to betray yourself and lie to others about who you really are. If you are content with less than His design for you, then you shouldn’t really expect Him to endorse your lack of purpose, zeal or direction.

This is why the universe always cooperates, collaborates and conspires with the people who possess ambition in its true and pure sense. It is a universal principle that works for anyone who works it no matter what their objectives are. People with true ambition are literally unstoppable because all of the spiritual laws work in their favour. The laws of focus, of attraction and of universal equity all work for people with ambition and against those without it. Finding your ambition is always the beginning of a personal exodus from mediocre to outstanding. Can you tell me in a nutshell what your ambition is?

3. Why should we vote for you? What do you bring to the table? Why should you command that level of fame, wealth or power?

As stated early, true ambition starts with a strong sense of personal worth and importance that drives a person towards that special/top place or position in life by creating dis-satisfaction and dis-content with anything else. I am, I can, I must, I will is the language of ambition. However the root word suggests a campaign as in an election where candidates go around persuading others to vote for them. The fact is that others have to put you in that place. I know this sounds contrary to a lot of ‘new thought’, which tends to emphasize the exclusive power of self! The only person whose opinion matters is yours and don’t matter what people say etc.

However, real life doesn’t work that way. In real life;

  • Your customers have to believe in you if you are to succeed in business
  • Your investors have to believe in you if you are to raise serious capitol
  • Your boss has to vote for you if you are to get promoted or a pay rise
  • Your family has to vote for you if you are to lead
  • Your fans have to vote for you if you are to sell music or tickets to the show

I think you get my point. You are in an election campaign every day in which you will have to sell yourself to others. However that is not possible without extreme self-belief! That’s the difference between the ambitious and the content – extreme self-belief.

Of course it’s not enough to believe in yourself. You must be able to explain with confidence and conviction why others should vote for you. Those who are clear about what they can and will do for others and about the difference they will make to the game if elected, are truly ambitious! So again, why should we vote for you? Until you can answer that question; the doors to greatness must remain closed.


Many people are suffering from confused potential i.e. scattered energy and the inability to stay focused. The feeling and knowing that you can be, do and have more yet confused about what to do next, where to focus your efforts or how to overcome an obstacle within or without. You know what you want, but don’t have the mental or emotional space to truly figure out how to get there. The good news is that all of these obstacles and barriers to success can be removed quickly by a professional coaching partnership.

True coaching moves towards a goal. Fundamentally; your goal! It is a professional partnership aimed at getting meaningful and measurable results that are predetermined before the coaching even begins.

In this respect, it is a practical approach to achieving those results that really that really matter to you. A good coaching session will leave you feeling:

  • Clear about what, why, how and when
  • Committed to your goal
  • In control of your self and circumstances
  • Able to win

NB: This is not a group coaching session. It is a one-on-one series involving me and you working together to accelerate your ambition! Inbox me if you are interested in being one of 12 only spaces.

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