May 21, 2013

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iCC is the home of a movement that seeks to change the world from the inside out. We are a Christ-centred and socially-conscious ministry that exists to support believers who are passionate about politics, business, education, the arts, media, entertainment, science and any other institution or industry that shapes the culture of our society.

  • We are not trying to get the world into the church but we are trying to get the church into the world.
  • We realise that the locus of power is shifting from pulpit ministries to career ministries that bring Christ into the industries and institutions that matter to us all. While pulpit ministries remain the critical component in God’s plan for building his church, we believe that career ministries are the critical success factor for advancing his Kingdom.
  • We believe that the most powerful expressions of Christianity will be seen in the market place and in professional spheres of influence where the Holy Spirit is raising up a new generation of Joseph’s, Esther’s, Nehemiah’s and Daniel’s. These four Old Testament characters each served God from strategic positions within the kingdoms of men.
  • We do not think of the church as a place, but rather as a people. In this respect, the church is wherever the believers are. More importantly, Christ is wherever the believers are because the church is the body of Christ. This means that Christ is in politics if believers are in politics. The same is true of business, finance, education, the media and more. If we are in it, then so is he!
  • We are inviting aspirational believers from all spheres of influence and service including ministers and entrepreneurs, educators and politicians, journalists and publishers, artists and entertainers, lawyers and accountants, community leaders and anyone else with serious career ambitions to join this movement for changing the world from the inside out.

iCC is an outreach of the iCAN Global Network…

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