March 15, 2020


This page is designed to give updates on our strategy to support members of our church and community through the turbulent times we now face at the dawn of the the global pandemic Covid 19.

Daily Prayers:

As a community of believers we will start our response with a call to prayer and fasting. You can download a brochure on our prayer strategy by clicking the image below.

The iCC T.O.U.C.H (Together Our Unity Creates Healing):

The fact that you are isolating does not mean you have to be isolated! iCan Community Church has developed a growing team of support buddy’s who provide a friendly voice, often on a daily basis to those that are alone. If you are isolating alone, you don’t have to be isolated. Instead, reach out to the iCC TOUCH by calling our office now. A regular conversation with a friendly voice can make all the difference. Additionally we have assembled ’emergency supplies’ packs that can be delivered to your door step if you run out of essentials. This service is available to members and non members alike.


The Pastor’s TOUCH:

Every member of iCC can expect a check up call from our pastoral team. If you can’t wait and need immediate pastoral support; do call our office now.

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