August 30, 2016

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Cross over into 2018 – December 31st – 2 services


NB: Our Morning Service at 11.00am will be held at the Crystal while the evening service will be held at: Venue 229, 229 Romford Road, Forest Gate E7 9HL

At this time each year, I take out a bit of time to reflect on God’s goodness. The truth is that I have a lot to be grateful for and I’m sure you do to. That’s why each year we celebrate on New Years Eve with a special service designed to give thanks for the year behind and to speak prophetically into the year ahead.

It’s always a very prophetic time for me in which I seek to know God’s heart and mind for the year ahead. This year, I hear the Holy Spirit saying INCREASE… This is another word for growth or expansion. I sense that God wants to make you a BIGGER person, with a bigger vision, enlarged capacity and bigger results by the end of 2018.

::first_name::, I’m going to give everyone who attends our evening cross over service a special key. Literally, Im going to give you a key. It will be a symbol of the wisdom that God will give you throughout year. Im praying over those keys now and want you to receive yours on New Years eve.

Of course we will have our regular Sunday service at 11.00am in which I want to start releasing the revelation of the INCREASE… However our 9.00pm service which will take place in our Forest Gate Venue (229 Romford Road, Forest Gate) will be explosive. Im praying that every person leaves with direction and power to prevail in 2018.

I’m looking for ward to seeing you there. More details are available on our webiste.

To your year of Increase,

Bishop Wayne Malcolm


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