October 15, 2014

Spiritual Roots 2019

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This program is designed to bring clarity to some essential aspects of Christian teaching so that your faith is informed and able to stand strong in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. We also want you to have sound answers to the questions that many will ask you about Christ and Christianity. Finally we want you to understand the environment and ethos of iCAN Community church by exploring what we believe for yourself.

Right now you are like a tree that has been freshly planted in a fertile place. This means that your first job is to grow DOWN before you grow UP. Any tree without roots will not survive the elements and will never realise its full potential. Likewise any Christian whose faith is uncertain and uniformed will struggle to survive the storms of life and will never become the mighty force that they were born to be.

That’s why we begin the journey with an exploration of the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith. As your understanding of the fundamentals increases so will your roots grow deeper making you much stronger and more certain about the rest of your life in Christ.


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