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Our church

iCAN Community Church (iCC) is a modern, relevant and effective outreach and community for real people with real issues. 


Since its inception, iCC has been a beacon of hope for many and a significant voice for change and progress amongst fellow churches. Our congregation is youthful, energetic, vibrant and colourful and continues to attract people from every nation, kindred, tribe and tongue who are immediately impacted by our inclusive, nonjudgmental and unconditional acceptance of people from all walks of life. 


We believe that your past doesn’t have to equal your future and that where you start out does not determine where you end up in life. So no matter where you are or where you have been, you will not be judged at iCC. Instead you will be supported and equipped to make the future much better than the past. iCC is a mainstream Christian Church that enjoys fellowship and partnership with mainstream churches around the world.

Real people doing faith in the real world!

At iCC we welcome the real! Your past must never be allowed to destroy your future. For this reason, we are a non-judgemental ministry that welcomes people of whatever background.
The gospel (Good News) is that the SALVATION,
purchased by CHRIST on the cross is now available to ANYONE who believes it!
Bishop Wayne Malcolm


What strikes visitors to iCC is the warmth of our welcome to new comers and strangers. 

A worshipping church

iCC is a praiseful, prayerful and prophetic expression of faith in the modern world.

A word church

Our Bishop is a world renowned author, teacher and key-note speaker whose depth and perspectives come from years of study and experience! He is affectionately known as ‘The Business Bishop’.

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How to experience iCC

You can experience iCC in person (Post lockdowns), through our live stream of virtual services and Bible classes or through our e-Membership program where you can access our departments and non-streaming activities.

Visit Us

  • The Crystal Building. 1 Siemens Brothers Way, London E16 1 GB
  • +44 0203-750-0057