Covid 19

For updates and information on Covid 19

iCC responds to covid 19.


iCC is fully compliant

iCC is fully compliant with the social distancing measures introduced by the government, otherwise known as 'The Lock Down'. For the duration of this period we are using technology to connect, share, learn and grow. Typically our services are streamed to You Tube and Facebook.

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iCC Touch

Our ministry has mobilised a team of volunteers who are actively responding to community needs arising from Covid 19 including; self-isolation, loneliness, domestic violence, economic hardship, anxiety, grief and hunger.

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Frontline Strategies

We are up skilling our entire team on first responses to grief, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and domestic violence. A series of online seminars facilitated by clinicians, academics and experts is available to our frontline workers including: Touch teams, ministers, departmental directors, team leaders and team members.

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domestic violence help

The lock down has seen an increase in domestic abuse and violence. This spike in calls is clearly the tip of the ice burg. iCC Touch teams are engaged in first response training and would like to hear from you.

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When will we return to church?

We will resume a normal schedule of services only when it is safe to do so. Your safety is our priority and iCC will do nothing not organise any activity that puts our people at risk. We will carefully monitor and review all government guidelines in this respect.

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The future of icc online

iCC has developed new and fruitful relationships with our e-members online and will not abandon them in the event that the lockdown is fully lifted. The measures and ministries we have put in place are now permanent features of our ministry.

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