Evolve: Kings & Queens

During the month of July our theme “Kings and Queens – the psychology of relationships” is set to catapult our relationships to a new altitude.

We recognise that in order to make significant progress in our relationships, we need to increase our levels of self awareness. We have pulled together an amazing all male panel of experts in their respective fields of, emotional intelligence, relationology, and spiritual leaders that will share insights and strategies that speak to the “King in the Kid” our resident Psychologist will support our group actions designed to amplify the voice of the Queen in you.

  • Daniel Tolson
  • Pastor Mike White
  • Matt Bird
  • Bishop Wayne Malcolm 

Connect with us on Saturdays at 10am – 11:30am


  1. Dress comfortably for a short, gentle workout to start. 💃
  2. To get the best experience please have your camera on, however there is no obligation to. 😁
  3. Please don’t keep it to yourself, invite a friend who could benefit! 🤝

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Event Details

Organizer : Claudine Reid MBE

Start Date : 2020-07-04

End Date : 2020-07-25

Time : 10am - 11:30am

Cost : Free

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