Women’s Ministry – EVOLVE

When we think about Evolve we are focusing in on your individual and collective ability to grow, cultivate, nurture, change, transform, develop, improve or advance in your area of gifting or calling.

Our Purpose is “to create an environment where women from all walks of life can Evolve into what God has called her to be. With a holistic focus on Spirit, Soul & Body”.  The describing words indicate an obligation to ourselves to apply the ASK principle: ASK, SEEK & KNOCK principle found in St Matthew 7 verse 7. This means there is a requirement to grow in confidence and courage in order to Evolve. With this in mind we aim to support women to:

  • Cultivate a deeper relationship with God
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of the word
  • Support & fellowship with each

This will leading to:

Meaningful Experiences, Committed individuals & a strong sense of community